Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart

Casey Langteau

"Sacred Heart" | Casey Langteau

16 x 20 canvas, mixed media

“The Sacred Heart represents God’s infinite and passionate love for mankind. Unlike the classic Sacred Heart of Jesus, I added elements of Joseph and Mary’s life. I cloaked the heart in lillies to symbolize Joseph’s purity and adorned the top of the heart by a rose to symbolize Mary’s sacrifice. I was led to incorporate all three hearts of the Holy Family to symbolize their combined, everlasting love for us, which we receive in the Eucharist.”

-Casey Langteau

Casey Langteau

How old are you?

Have you had any formal training in the arts? Where? When? How long?
Since I was a kid! Around 8 years old, my teacher noticed I was drawing throughout all of my classes. Instead of scolding me, she told my mom to put me in art classes!

What inspires your art? Who/what influences you?
I get most of my inspiration from my home, New Orleans. I love exploring the city and taking in the culture and joy that exudes from it.

How would you describe the style of your art?
Abstract Impressionist

Who are your favorite artists? Favorite works of art?
Monet and Van Gogh – I love everything they have created!

What direction is your art taking now and where do you see yourself going? Do you have any new projects you are working on that you are excited about? Any new areas (types/styles of art, subject matters) you’d like to explore or try?
I’m super excited to start a new collection of paintings with a vintage, French aesthetic. Also, I’m planning a collection of Saints and Angels for next year.  I’m challenging myself by using a medium I haven’t used since college, OIL! I started using acrylic for the fast drying times, but I’m ready for something new.

What do you do for a living? Do you create art professionally?
I am a full-time artist and gallery owner. Visit my gallery at 4700 Magazine Street in New Orleans for more of my artwork!

Besides art, what are your other interests – professional or otherwise?
Traveling, spending time with my family, and hiking.

Are you Catholic yourself? Are you a convert to the faith or a “cradle Catholic”?
Yes! Born and raised Catholic.

Would you say that you have experienced a conversion or renewal of your faith at some point in your life? Did art play any particular role in your faith story? Would you like to tell us more about that?
I always feel more connected with God while I am painting. I pray that he works through me to create something meaningful for the collector.

Casey intends on auctioning this piece of art, but the Catholic non-profit organization that will receive a donation from a portion of the winning has yet to be determined.

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