Anasthasia Tan

"I Am CATHOLIC" | Anasthasia Tan

Acrylic on canvas paper

“Don’t we agree: the Holy Eucharist is what makes us Catholics?! Believing in the real presence of Christ in this host is what keeps us going back for Mass.

I always love to be in the presence of the Holy Eucharist. And this past year, with all the churches closing their adoration rooms. I started to stream live adoration in my home. One day, during my time with the Lord, I was urged to paint this down. Surrendered my hands to the Lord and allowed the Holy Spirit to take over. Painted how I see and feel about the Holy Eucharist. Inside the host, I have the face of Jesus, slightly covered over. Only for those who can see his face will be able to see it. And the rays of colors bursting out in all directions represents how I feel about his grace bursting and pouring out for us. So powerful, so good, so blessed. Only he can make me whole.

I hope bless as many home as I can with this painting and to remind our children the reason why we are Catholics. Therefore, I name this – I am Catholic.”

-Anasthasia Tan

Anasthasia Tan

How old are you?

Have you had any formal training in the arts? Where? When? How long?
I was doing art all my life since I was very little. Then, I stopped painting for 20 years to raise my kids. During the pandemic, when we had a lot more time at home, I started to hear the Lord calling me to paint for him. The urge just kept going stronger: “Paint for me!”.

Early this year, just before Lent, I finally said “Yes.” I got everything I needed, painted my first piece and I haven’t stopped since then.

What inspires your art? Who/what influences you?
It’s all for the Lord. I would not have painted again if it’s not for him. He gave me all these messages and visions.

How would you describe the style of your art?
This is Prophetic Art. Every piece is spirit-led, guided by the Lord. They are all done during my prayer and worship time. Each piece is different, stroke by stroke, color by color, I’m guided by the Spirit to create the messages through the form of Visual Arts.

Who are your favorite artists? Favorite works of art?
I love Vincent Van Gogh’s art style. But the greatest Artist of all time, is none other den our creator, my God, my Father. My favorite art works are the clouds in the sky.

What direction is your art taking now and where do you see yourself going? Do you have any new projects you are working on that you are excited about? Any new areas (types/styles of art, subject matters) you’d like to explore or try?
Right now I am on a mission to use my artwork to set the hearts on fire with the Holy Spirit. To use my hands to deliver and translate the messages of God to his beloved children. I have a couple of projects with different mission groups to use my artwork as their promotional materials.

My latest project is an outdoor mural in Flint Michigan, which is a collaboration with other evangelical artists to paint a building façade as part of an evangelization initiative for the neighborhood.

I also do Live prophetic painting during worship events too. This is actually a very powerful experience for people to witness an image and prophecy come before their eyes.

Moving forward, I would really like to have the opportunity to paint and restore churches and see my painting in more religious centers. Also to see people use my works to evangelize.

What do you do for a living? Do you create art professionally?
For a living, I am a business development and sales expert, where I consult and help businesses grow in revenue.  Yes, I do create art professionally and they are for sale. And I do take on commission works as well.

Besides art, what are your other interests – professional or otherwise?
I love to cook and a passion for the evangelization and healing ministry.

Are you Catholic yourself? Are you a convert to the faith or a “cradle Catholic”?
I am a Cradle Catholic, born to a Sunday Catholic Family, but found a deeper calling in Sunday school to be more involved in evangelization projects with the church. I started painting promotional banners for the church since I was 14 and started to be a Catechist at the age of 21.

Would you say that you have experienced a conversion or renewal of your faith at some point in your life? Did art play any particular role in your faith story? Would you like to tell us more about that?
The Lord has showed up in many parts of my life through my ups and downs. In my family alone, we had many miracle stories. One after another, we see his hands at work. He never left us even at times when we have forgotten about him. I am called to be part of the healing and prophetic ministry, but inside, I kept searching for more ways to promote Jesus. Like the way I do my business development and marketing as a profession, I keep searching for the best way to promote Jesus. And I guess, he led me to the way to do so. And that is through my painting. Now, I am able to translate his messages to the world through my artwork. I hope to be able to continue to use my hands to bless all who see and receive these messages and paintings.

The artist intends on auctioning this piece of art, but will the Catholic non-profit organization that will receive a donation from a portion of the proceeds has yet to be determined.

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