Open Art Contest

Open Art Contest

The Archdiocese of New Orleans invites the artists of the community to contribute to the Year of the Eucharist and St. Joseph by giving artistic expression to the love poured out to us in Christ through the Eucharist.

To this end, the Archdiocese is hosting an Open Art Contest.  The contest is open to all artists 18 years old and older.  Artists ages 15 to 17 may enter with parent/guardian permission.  Artists are invited to create original works of art that will move the hearts of those who view them to contemplate the truth and beauty of Christ present in the Eucharist.

General Requirements

  • All artists 18 years of age or older are invited to participate. Artists ages 15 to 17 may enter with the permission of their parent/guardian.
  • There is no fee to enter.
  • Each artist may submit one entry only.

Art Specification

Any physical media is acceptable provided that they conform to the following constraints:

  • 2 dimensional pieces must be no larger than 36” square. 3 dimensional pieces must fit within a 36” square cube.
  • Pieces must be designed to easily moved by two persons with reasonable care without risk of damage to the piece or injury to the movers.
  • Finished pieces must weigh less than 250 lbs.
  • All pieces must be entirely original productions. No reproduced images of any kind maybe included.
  • Pieces must be silent and may not make use of electricity or other power source.
  • Pieces must be of materials and subject matter suitable for public display in a sacred space such as a Catholic Church.

Submission Requirements

  • Artists must make their submission using the online submission at Email submissions and/or physical submissions cannot be accepted.
  • Submissions must be made by 5:00pm, April 23rd, 2021.
  • The submission form must be filled out completely to be eligible.
  • Entrants may submit up to 5 electronic images of their work with their entry
    • Images may be photos or scans
    • Please provide high resolution images suitable for reproduction (300 dpi and at least 2400 pixels on the longest side).
    • Images may have a maximum file size of 10 Mb.

Judging and Prizes

  • A panel of judges will select from the electronic images artists who will be invited to submit their physical pieces for final judging.
  • The judges may select any number of pieces to judge “in person” at their discretion.
  • Invitees will be given at least 1 week to deliver their physical pieces for further judging.
  • Judges will select 10 finalists from the physical submissions.
  • Judge’s rulings are final and may not be appealed.
  • The Finalists will be announced on June 6th, the Feast of Corpus Christi.
  • Finalist pieces will be displayed publicly at various venues and events around the Archdiocese for the Year of the Eucharist. Artists may supply business cards to be made available along with their work during public displays.
  • Finalist and their pieces will be featured on the ANO Year of the Eucharist website and promoted in social and print media as part of the Year of the Eucharist celebration.
  • Finalist will have the option to participate in a silent auction of their work if they so choose.  25% of the proceeds of the auction will go to the Catholic non-profit of the Artist’s choice.  The remainder will go to the artist themselves to support their continued artistic endeavors.  If an artist elects not to participate in the auction, the piece will be returned to the artist at the end of the year.

Permissions and Liabilities

  • Upon submission, the entrant grants the non-exclusive permission to reproduce, display, and use for any purpose the images submitted to the Archdiocese of New Orleans at its discretion. Finalists agree to allow the Archdiocese of New Orleans to make and use at its discretion and for any purpose photographic images of the physical works.
  • Artist retain ownership of their work. Finalists who elect to participate in the silent auction agree to transfer ownership of their piece to the Archdiocese prior to the Auction.
  • Artists who submit physical pieces agree to leave the pieces in the possession of the Archdiocese of New Orleans and grant the exclusive right to publicly display the pieces for the remainder of the Year of the Eucharist should they be chosen as a finalist.
  • Artists agree to hold the Archdiocese of New Orleans harmless for any damage, loss, or destruction of pieces.

Please direct questions or comments to Chris O’Neill, Office of Marriage and Family Life –  Please include “Art Contest” in the subject line of your message.

Be patient when uploading your submissions.  Once you click Submit, it will take a minute for your files to upload and it may seem like nothing is happening.  The submission will go through after a minute or two depending on the size of your files.  Send us an email if you run into any trouble.  Thanks!